Existence of Insecticides in Tap Drinking Surface and Ground Water in Dakahlyia Governorate, Egypt in 2011

RA Mandour


Background: The environmental degradation products of pesticides may enter drinking water and result in serious health problems.

Objective: To evaluate the occurrence of insecticides in drinking surface and ground water in Dakahlyia Governorate, northern Egypt in 2011.

Methods: We studied blood samples collected from 36 consecutive patients diagnosed with pesticides poisoning and 36 tap drinking water (surface and ground). Blood and water samples were analyzed for pesticides using gas chromatography-electron captured detector (GC-ECD). In addition, blood samples were analyzed for plasma pseudo-cholinesterase level (PChE) and red blood cells acetyl cholinesterase activity (AChE).

Results: The results confirmed the presence of high concentrations of insecticides, including organonitrogenous and organochlorine in tap drinking surface and ground water.

Conclusion: Drinking water contaminated with insecticides constitutes an important health concern in Dakahlyia governorate, Egypt.


Diffuse pollution; Pesticides; Human health

 pISSN: 2008-6520
 eISSN: 2008-6814

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