Occupational Blood Exposure among Health Care Personnel and Hospital Trainees

M Hajjaji Darouiche, T Chaabouni, K Jmal Hammami, F Messadi Akrout, M Abdennadher, A Hammami, H Karray, ML Masmoudi


Blood and body fluid Exposure is a major occupational safety problems for health care workers. Therefore, we conducted a descriptive and retrospective study to identify the characteristics of blood exposure accidents in health care settings which lasted five years (2005-2009) at the two university hospitals of Sfax. We have 593 blood exposure accidents in health care settings 152 (25.6%) health personnel and 441 (74.4%) trainees' doctors, nurses and health technicians. The mechanism of blood and body fluid exposure was accidental needle-stick injury in 78.9% of health staff, and 81% of trainees, accidental cut in 14.7% of health workers and 10.2% of trainees. The increasing severity of blood exposure accidents is linked to the lack of safe behavior against this risk.


Body fluids; Occupational exposure; Accident prevention; Accidents, occupational; Health personnel; Hospital medicine

 pISSN: 2008-6520
 eISSN: 2008-6814

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