Upcomming meeting

Upcoming Meetings


International Conference on Monitoring and Surveillance of Asbestos-Related Diseases 2014

February 11-13, 2014

Espoo, Finland

Web: www.ttl.fi/helsinkiasbestos2014

Tel: +35-83-0474-2900
Fax: +35-89-0477-3149
E-mail: helsinkiasbestos2014@ttl.fi


International Conclave on Occupational Health incorporating the 64th National Conference of Indian Association of Occupational Health

February 11-14, 2014

Goa, India

Web: www.iaohoccucon2014.com/

Tel: +91-932-364-7704



Annual Updates in Environmental Medicine Conference

March 14-16, 2014

Tel: +480-236-8970

Fax: +480-264-2641

E-mail: KellyCrinnion@yahoo.com


11th Conference of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology: “Looking at the past–planning for the future: Capitalizing on OHP multidisciplinarity”

April 14-16, 2014

London, UK

Web: www.eaohp.org/conference.html

E-mail: conference@eaohp.org


American Occupational Health Congress (AOHC)

April 27-30, 2014

San Antonio, TX, USA

Web: www.acoem.org/educational_conferences.aspx
Contact name: Mary Lunn

Tel: +1-847-818-1800
Fax (Registration): +1-847-818-9265
E-mail: registration@acoem.org


9th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment–Promoting dignity and justice at work

June 17-20, 2014

Milan, Italy

Web: www.bullying2014.unimi.it

Contact name: Ms. Daniela Fano
Tel: +39-02-503-20146
Fax: +39-02-550-35304
E-mail: ergonomia@unimi.it


EPICOH 2014–the 24th International Conference on Epidemiology in Occupational Health

June 24-27, 2014

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Web: http://epicoh2014.uic.edu

Tel: +1-312-355-3692
E-mail : lstayner@uic.edu


The 21st Asian Conference on Occupational Health

September 2-4, 2014
Fukuoka, Japan

Web: http://acoh2014.com/index.html


Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors 2014

September 17-19, 2014

Adelaide, Australia

Web: http://unisa.edu.au/ICOHcongress

Tel: +61-88-302-4846
E-mail: maureen.dollard@unisa.edu.au


7th International Symposium “Safety & Health in Agricultural & Rural Populations: Global Perspectives (SHARP)”

October 19-22, 2014

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tel: +1-306-966-7888

E-mail: cchsa.symposium2014@usask.ca


American Occupational Health Congress (AOHC)

May 3-6, 2015

Baltimore, MD, USA

Web: www.acoem.org/educational_conferences.aspx
Contact name: Mary Lunn

Tel: +1-847-818-1800
Fax (Registration): +1-847-818-9265
E-mail: registration@acoem.org


31st International Congress on Occupational Health

May 31,2015-June 5, 2015

Seoul, South Korea

Web: www.icoh2015.org

Tel: +82-32-5100-745

Fax: +82-32-502-7199

E-mail: overseas@kosha.net


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