Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

79th Anglo-American Conference of Historians: Environments

July 1-2, 2010

London, United Kingdom

Web: www.history.ac.uk/aac2010

Contact name: Jen Wallis

Tel: +44-20-7862-8760

Fax: +44-20-7862-8762

E-mail: ihr.library@sas.ac.uk,


Waste Management 2010: Fifth International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment

July 12-14, 2010

Tallinn, Estonia

Web: www.wessex.ac.uk/10-conferences/waste-management-2010.html  

Contact name: Alice Jones

Tel: +44-238-029-3223

Fax: +44-238-029-2853

E-mail: wit@wessex.ar.uk


1st International Conference on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare

July 17–20, 2010

Miami, Florida, USA

Web: www.ahfe2010.org


ICOHN & ACOHN Joint Conference 2010—The 3rd International Conference on Occupational Health Nursing and the 2nd Asia Conference on Occupational Health Nursing Join Conference 2010

August 6-9, 2010

Yokohama, Japan

Web: www.icohn-acohn2010.com

Tel: +81-593-400-700

Fax: +81-593-611-401

E-mail: secretariat@icohn-acohn2010.com


PREMUS 2010, Seventh International Conference on Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

August 29-September 3, 2010

Angers, France

Web : www.premus2010.org

Tel : +33-241-355-929

Fax : +33-241-354-143

E-mail : premus2010@contact.univ-angers.fr


8th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring in Occupational and Environmental Health

September 6-8, 2010

Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland

Web: www.ttl.fi/isbm2010

Tel: +35-847-426-66

Fax: +35-847-422-08

E-mail: ISBM2010@ttl.fi


ICESE 2010: International Conference on Environmental Science and Engineering

August 25, 2010

Singapore, Singapore

Web: www.waset.org/conferences/2010/singapore/icese/


10th International Conference on Clean Energy

September 15-17, 2010

Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

Web: www.icce2010.org

Contact name: Prof. Dr. Ugur Atikol

Tel: +90-392-224-1303

Fax: +90-392-224-8326

E-mail: reqistration@icce2010.org


3rd International Congress of Environmental Research

September 16-18, 2010

University of Mauritius,
Reduit, Mauritius

Web: www.icer10.jerad.org

Contact name: Professor Subhash C. Pandey

Tel: +91-755-242-4030,

Fax : +91-230-465-6928

E-mail : icer10.jerad@gmail.com


15th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment

September 19-23, 2010

Gdańsk, Poland

Web: www.pg.gda.pl/chem/ichmet/


8th IOHA International Conference
IOHA 2010, Roma, International Occupational Hygiene Association

September 29-October 2, 2010

Rome, Italy

Tel: +39-030-200-2844

Fax: +39-030-209-6783

E-mail: info@ioha2010.org


2-Day Environmental Seminar

October 4-5, 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Web: www.epaseminar.com


NIVA course: Flexicurity and occupational health

October 13-15, 2010

Charlottenlund, Denmark

Web: www.niva.org/contact.htm

Tel: +46-358-304-741

Fax: +46-358-3047-42497

E-mail: niva@ttl.fi


Under Western Skies: Climate, Culture and Change in Western North America

October 13-16, 2010

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Web: www.skies.mtroyal.ca/

Contact name: Dr. Robert Boschman

Tel: +1-403-440-6456

Fax: +1-403-440-6526

E-mail: rboschman@mtroyal.ca


ICEMT 2010—The First International Conference on Environmental Management & Technologies

November 1-3, 2010

Amman, Jordan

Web: http://icemt10.emtme.com/


PPCOE 2010: Pan-Pacific Conference on Occupational Ergonomics

November 7-10, 2010

Kaoshiuang, Taiwan

Tel: +886-7657-7711 ext 5502
        (c/o Ms. Sung)

Fax: +886-7657-8536

E-mail: ppcoe2010@gmail.com


The Global Summit

November 7-11, 2010

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Web: www.theglobalsummit.org

Contact name: Melanie St. James

Tel: +1-310-392-6909

E-mail: contact@theglobalsummit.org 


VENICE 2010 Third International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste

November 8-11, 2010

Venice, Italy, Italy

Web: www.venicesymposium.it

Contact name: Organising Secretariat

Tel: +39-049-872-6986

Fax: +39-049-872-6987

E-mail: eurowaste@tin.it


2nd International Conference on Climate Change & Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

December 5-7, 2010

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

Web: www.itmuniverse.in

Contact name: Dr. Kuldeep Dwivedi

Tel: +91-751-243-2977, 243-2989

Fax: +91-751-243-2988

E-mail: hr@itmuniverse.in


ICEST 2010: International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology

December 6, 2010

Istanbul, Turkey

Web: www.waset.org/conferences/2010/istanbul/icest/


Fourth International Conference on Plants & Environmental Pollution (ICPEP-4)

December 8-11, 2010

National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, U.P., India

Web: isebindia.com

Contact name: Dr. K. J. Ahmad

Tel: +91-522-229-7821 (Direct)
        +91-522-220-5831 to 220-5835 (PBX) ext 821

Fax: +91-522-2205-836/220-5839

E-mail: isebnbrilko@sify.com


ICCBEE 2010: International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering

December 29, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand

Web: www.waset.org/conferences/2010/bangkok/iccbee/


Safety in Design and Construction: A Lifecycle Approach

February 28–March 4, 2011

Boston MA, USA

Tel: +61-738-486-92

Fax: +61-738-486-90

E-mail: contedu@hsph.harvard.edu


The 20th Asian Conference on Occupational Health
“Moving Occupational Health Towards the Globalization”

March 9-11, 2011

The Emerald Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel: +662-714-2590

Fax: +662-714-2656

E-mail: acoh2011thailand@gmail.com


The 1st EnvironmentAsia International Conference

March 22-25, 2011

bangkok, Thailand

Web: www.tshe.org/EnvironmentAsia2011

Contact name: Ms. Laksanavadee Jaturapat

Tel: +66-2441-5000 ext 2108, 2112

Fax: +66-2441-9509-10

E-mail: enbrp@mahidol.ac.th 


American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC)

March 26-29, 2011

Washington, DC, USA

Tel: +847-818-1800

Fax: +847-818-9266


19th World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

September 11-15, 2011

Istanbul, Turkey

Web: www.safety2011turkey.org 

E-mail: info@safety2011turkey.org

Tel: +90-312-215-8086

Fax: +90-312-215-5027


30th International Congress on Occupational Health

March 18-23, 2012

Monterrey, Mexico

Web: www.icohcongress2012.org
E-mail: icoh2012sales@btcamericas.com

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