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RETRACTION: Barkhordari A, et al. The Glycoprofile Patterns of Endothelial Cells in Usual Interstitial Pneumonia. Int J Occup Environ Med 2014;5:201-7.

Soon after we published this article in the October 2014 issue of the IJOEM,1 it was brought to our attention that it had been published earlier in another journal—the Scholarly Journal of Biological Science (2014:3:1-6). The manuscript had been accepted by that journal on November 8, 2014, two weeks before the authors submitted their manuscript to our Journal on November 21.

Many journals indicate the unacceptability of duplicate publication in their Instructions to the Authors. Some journals also require authors to indicate, either as part of the online submission system, or in the covering letter, that the work being submitted has not been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. In the Author Guidelines of the IJOEM, we ask the authors to “exclusively indicate that the manuscript has not been published or under review elsewhere.” Furthermore, as the very first step in the online submission of a manuscript to the IJOEM, it is required that the corresponding author confirms that “the manuscript is not under review by other journals, has not been published in nor accepted for publication by other journals, nor has substantial overlaps with published reports.”

During our investigation of this incident, we also learned that some of the authors of the article were not aware of its submission to the IJOEM. In response, we consulted the guidelines issued by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and asked the authors for an explanation. The two corresponding authors of the two published articles claimed that the problem arose from a mistake: the Scholarly Journal of Biological Science had asked for a publication fee that the authors could not pay. Believing that the journal would therefore return their manuscript, they submitted the manuscript to our journal. We found this explanation not acceptable. The authors should have waited to hear from the Editor of the first journal. We therefore decided to retract the article from our journal on the grounds of duplicate publication, informed the Editor of Scholarly Journal of Biological Science of the situation, told the authors about our decision to retract the article, and—considering their actions—reported the misconduct to their institutions.

Given the importance of publication ethics, and because we believe many (especially young) researchers innocently commit scientific misconduct, we are publishing an Editorial2 in the current issue of the Journal to inform our readers about the important aspects of duplicate publication.

Journal editors and institutions should react appropriately to charges of scientific and publication misconduct. However, they should recognize that genuine mistakes do sometimes occur and should always ensure that innocent parties are not punished (eg, if one author from a group resubmits a published article without the knowledge of the other authors). Hopefully, appropriate handling of misconduct cases and educating researchers about their ethical responsibilities will help foster and preserve trust in the scientific literature.

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  1. Barkhordari A, Jones CJP, Stoddart RW, et al. The glycoprofile patterns of endothelial cells in usual interstitial pneumonia. Int J Occup Environ Med 2014;5:201-7.
  2. Wager E. Why is redundant publication a problem? Int J Occup Environ Med 2015;6:-6.

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