Toxic Levels of Some Heavy Metals in Drinking Groundwater in Dakahlyia Governorate, Egypt in the Year 2010

RA Mandour, YA Azab


Fifty-four drinking groundwater samples were collected in April 2010 from some districts of the Dakahlyia governorate, Egypt. The water samples were analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometer for iron, manganese, lead, nickel, chromium, zinc, copper, cobalt and cadmium concentrations. All samples but two were found suitable for drinking; from the water sample from Aga district showed slightly higher levels of cadmium and nickel (Ikhtab and Feshbena) than other areas; the concentrations were higher than the permissible limits of Egyptian Ministry of Health and World Health Organization.


Water supply; Metals, heavy; Heavy metal poisoning; Water pollution, chemical; Spectrophotometry, atomic

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