Environmental Health Risk 2011

Upcoming Meetings

INRS Occupational Health Research Conference 2011

Palais des Congrès

April 5-7, 2011

Nancy, France

Web: www.inrs.fr

E-mail: nano2011@inrs.fr


The First Annual Mountain & Plains ERC Occupational Health & Energy Summit

April 13-15, 2011

Denver, Colorado, USA

Web: maperc.ucdenver.edu

Contact name: Ken Scott


2011 AAOHN Annual Conference Health and Safety of Workers at Home and Around the World

April 29-May 5, 2011

Hyatt Regency, Atlanta

Atlanta, GAAAOHN National Office, 7794 Grow Drive, Pensacola, FL 32514, USA

Web: www.aaohn.org/2011

Tel: +1-850-474-6963


Fax: +1-850-484-8762


The Arctic as a messenger for global processes - climate change and pollution

May 4-6, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

Web: www.amap.no

Tel: +47-2324-1635

E-mail: amap@amap.no


ICEIN 2011, International Conference on the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology

May 9-11, 2011

Durham, NC

Web: ceint.duke.edu

Tel: +1-919-660-5221


NIVA: Occupational Skin Diseases

May 9-13, 2011

Gotland, Sweden

Web: www.niva.org

Tel: +35-8304-7424-88

E-mail: siv.jansson@ttl.fi


The International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Public Health (EPPH2011)

May 10-12, 2011

Wuhan, China

Web: www.icbbe.org


AIHce 2011

May 14-19, 2011

Portland, Oregon, USA

Web: www.aihce2011.org

Contact name: Susan Dunbar

Fax: +1-703-207-3561

E-mail: sdunbar@aiha.org


Work, Stress, and Health 2011 Work and Well-Being in an Economic Context

May 19-22, 2011

Orlando, Florida, USA

Web: www.apa.org

Tel: +1-202-336-6033

Fax: +1-202-336-6117


World Environmental and Water Resources Congress

May 22-26, 2011

Palm Springs, California, USA

Web: content.asce.org

Contact name: Lucy King


39th International MEDICHEM Congress on Occupational and Environmental Health in the Production and Use of Chemicals

June 2-5, 2011

Heidelberg, Germany

Web: medichem2011.org

E-mail: medichem2011@bgrci.de


24th Annual WSO International Environmental & Occupational Safety & Health Professional Development Conference

July 18-20, 2011

Sam’s Town, Tunica Mississippi, USA

Web: www.worldsafety.org

E-mail: info@worldsafety.org


Third International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

July 21-22, 2011

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Web: on-climate.com

Riga, Latvia

Web: www.wessex.ac.uk

Contact name: Alice Jones


5th International Conference on Nanotechnology-Occupational and Environmental Health

August 9-12, 2011

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Web: www.uml.edu

Tel: +97-8934-4366

Fax: +97-8934-4056

E-mail: SuJung_Tsai@uml.edu


Prevention Through Design Conference: A New Way of Doing Business Conference

August 22-24, 2011

Omni Shoreham Hotel

Washington, DC, USA

Web: www.cdc.gov/niosh

Tel: +1-800-232-4636

E-mail: cdcinfo@cdc.gov


Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health

August 24-27, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic

Web: www.seeh2011.org

Contact name: Dr. Friedo Zoelzer


NIVA: Nordic Occupational Cancer Studies

August 29-31, 2011

Åland, Finland

Web: www.niva.org

Tel: +35-8304-7424-98

E-mail: zsuzsanna.renko@ttl.fi


27th Annual National VPPPA Conference

August 29, 2011-September 1, 2011

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Web: www.vpppa.org


6th International Scientific Conference on Bioaerosol, Fungi, Bacteria, Mycotoxins in Indoor and Outdoor Environments and Human Health

September 6-9, 2011

New York, USA

Web: bioaerosol.org

Tel: +1-518-459-3337

Fax: +1-518-459-4646

E-mail: info@bioaerosol.org


The 22nd International Conference on Epidemiology in Occupational Health - EPICOH 2011

September 7-9, 2011

Oxford, UK

Web: epicohoxford2011.org.uk

Tel: +44-208-449-6218

E-mail: info@epicoh2011.com


19th World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

September 11-15, 2011

Istanbul, Turkey

Web: www.safety2011turkey.org

Tel: +90-312-215-8086

Fax: +90-312-215-5027

E-mail: info@safety2011turkey.org


Twenty-Third Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology

September 13-16, 2011

Barcelona, Spain

Web: www.isee2011.org

Tel: +34-932-212-955

Fax: +34-934-592-059


7th World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Adult Disease

September 18-21, 2011

Portland, Oregon, USA

Web: www.dohad2011.org

E-mail: jp@mrc.soton.ac.uk


19th International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution

September 19-21, 2011


Web: www.wessex.ac.uk

Tel: +44-238-029-3223

Fax: +44-238-029-2853

E-mail: wit@wessex.ac.uk


International konference: Science for the Environment - Environment for Society

October 5-6, 2011

Aarhus, Denmark

Web: www.dmu.dk

Tel: +45-4630-1200

Fax: +45-4630-1114

E-mail: dmu@dmu.dk


National Safety Council

October 30-November 4, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Web: www.congress.nsc.org


Professional Conference on Industrial Hygiene

November 5-8, 2011

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Web: www.pcih2011.org

Tel: +1-703-849-8888

E-mail: pcih@aiha.org


30th International Congress on Occupational Health

March 18-23, 2012

Monterrey, Mexico

Web: www.icohcongress2012.org

E-mail: icoh2012sales@btcamericas.com


12th World Congress on Environmental Health: New Technologies, Healthy Human Being and Environment

May 21-27, 2012

Vilnius, Lithuania

Web: www.ifeh2012.org

Contact name: Andrius Kavaliunas



You may submit announcements of relevant meetings to the Editorial Office (editor@theijoem.com) for possible publication in The IJOEM.


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